Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Don't Give In

Recently, teen suicide has been an unfortunate conversation in my home.  It is scary that it can happen without parents being aware.  Even a teenager's friend doesn't realize the finality of it.  Sometimes kids cry out for help in such dangerous and destructive ways.  Keeping an open dialogue between parents and teens is so important.  This poem is to all of those teens who feel that there is no hope.

Don’t give up.
Your youth has so much to give.
The future knows,
What the present does not.
Shadows that now loom,
Will disappear as you grow
And find your place in this world.
So don’t give up,
Don’t give in
To the darkness that calls you now,
Because ahead is brightness.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Slow Me Down, Lord

Slow me down, Lord.
Let me inhale the air you’ve supplied.
Put stress and troubles aside.
Slow me down, Lord.
I want to close my eyes,
And let worries say their good-byes.
Slow me down, Lord.
Let the moments stay longer,
To make my life stronger
For days ahead.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Virtual Life

I notice more and more people sitting in front of computer screens, and they don't connect with people. This is a poem that I wrote about on the subject.

Virtual Life
People glare at a speechless screen,
Ignoring those around,
Tap, tapping away.
Waiting for response from faceless words,
They gaze thoughtlessly
As the world around them revolves.
They do not realize the speed of life.
Interaction with flesh is sparse.
People claim they live,
But they just sit, mindlessly clicking,
Only a virtual life exists, suspended.