Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rise From the Earth

As many in the southeast, I am waiting for Isaac.  I pray that everyone will stay out of harm's way through this storm.  On the other hand, it leaves me with time to think and finish poems that I have started. Thi is one of those poems.

Rise from the Earth 

I rise from the earth
Like the redwood
And feel the breeze on my face.
After so much downfall,
I’m finally feeling the triumph
Of a thousand kings.
The rays of the sun
Shine on my face
And grant me all of the hope
That I’ve waited for a lifetime.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I really enjoy listening to music.  Songs give me a plethora of ideas for some of my poems. The lyrics of some songs are poems themselves. Sometimes, the melody of a song helps me create my own poem. This poem is about my love of music.


With the melody, I am reborn.
It is the drug that helps me live.
Each note caresses my ears
And sweeps across my soul
Until I can’t catch my breath.
Colors are brighter with the rhythm.
Moments are sweeter.
Without these notes,
My days are empty and lifeless.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


One morning, as I was sitting on my back porch, I saw a spider web. It gave me the idea for this poem.


Lines intricately drawn,
This work of art,
Glimmers in the morning light.
Beads of morning dew
Dangles from this delicate design
That stretches across branches.
Created with such effort,
It is truly a wonder of nature.
The look of frailty
Hides the strength
That can snare and hold
The maker’s prey.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Sometimes, we feel like we are struggling with every day events. A friend jokingly asked if I needed therapy after reading one of my darker poems. I told her that writing is my therapy. This is what inspired this poem.


Echoes from the string exude
As each moment slips
Into the depths of obscurity.
Blisters conjugate on this space;
The mass catching tears.
Swinging the line,
Balance loses its grasp,
Slowly letting each chance go,
Sinking into the emptiness
Below the tightrope.