Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We were lucky enough to be spared any damage from Hurricane Isaac.  Living in south Louisiana, I have been through too many hurricanes.  During the storm, I remembered the worst storm that I experienced, Hurricane Andrew, which hit 20 years ago.  My family and I decided to ride out the storm in a shelter in town. This is a poem inspired by that experience.


The winds blow,
Silently, at first.
Then branches sway
Harder and farther.
The sound of the wind
Whistles and grows louder
With time.
Rain falls sideways
From the wind.
Wind chimes
Are no longer soothing
As the wind becomes stronger.
Refugees in darkness
Listen to the violent wind
As it throws debris
Across the landscape.
Forces so strong,
Walls tremble.
Then a quiet calm
Gives the illusion of the end,
But it is only an interruption
As the storm surges again.


  1. I remember Andrew. I took my young children with me to my parents' in Jackson. Coming home to the damage was difficult. I'm glad Isaac was a mild one. Love your poem.

  2. Very nice! I could feel what a hurricane would be like through your words.

  3. Great poem expressing what it felt like to go thru the hurricane. So glad to hear that you didn't get much damage. I pray for all those who have lost their homes and must rebuild their lives.

  4. "Walls tremble"--I can feel that even far away from Louisiana, and remember that from when I lived in Asia and sat inside waiting for the typhoons to pass. So happy that you are okay!