Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Last week, Pamela Hodges wrote about the word bold.  I think that we should all embrace our uniqueness.  That is what makes that world so fascinating.  As humans, we can choose to be as different as we want to be.

I have terrific friends who are so creative and humorous in their own way.  That is what makes them so special to me.  The individuality of these friends makes our times together much more interesting and never boring.

A few years ago, I grew out my short hair, because people suggested it for a long time.  I was the person who had short hair when everyone else had theirs long. I decided to follow the crowd. For a year I put up with longer hair.  Then, I told a friend that I was ready to cut it.  She asked me if she could be honest with me, and I told her of course.  She said that she hated the longer hair.  I was relieved, because I hated it too.  I cut it the next day.  Then people would come up to me and tell me that they preferred the shorter hair.  I wish they had said something sooner. 

I love that I am different.  I will continue to choose to follow my own beat and dance my own special dance.


  1. Can't even imagine you with long hair. And thanks for the reminder. I need to work on being bold.

  2. Isn't that always the way? I did the same thing. Not everyone is made for long hair. I still have long hair envy, though, so I occasionally buy a big hair wig.
    I appreciate you being you, bold and beautiful!