Tuesday, July 24, 2012


After listening to Pachelbel's Canon in D Major I wrote this poem.


Notes drop like spring rain
On a tranquil pond,
Into a trickling stream
That beholds the harmony.
Cellos chant deeply,
Almost silently,
Beneath the chorus of violins.
The bows sweep sweetly
Over the tender strings
Like a feather in the breeze.
Each note answers the other
In passionate vows mingled together.
The crystal clear canon sings,
Romancing the nearest ears.


  1. A beautiful meditation! I could hear the music.

  2. I don't know the piece, but love what you did in response. I like "each note answers the other/In passionate vows mingled together." That sounds like music!

  3. I love the last line "The crystal clear canon sings,/Romancing the nearest ears." Your poem inspired by the music is exquisite.

  4. I love the references to nature in your poem. I could hear the Canon, especially when I read, "Cellos chant deeply, Almost silently, Beneath the chorus of violins."