Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tin Roof Blues

I was inspired by a shower to write this poem.  At first, I write it with no rhyme, and it didn't feel right. So I decided to trying a rhyming verse, and this is the result.

Tin Roof Blues

I get the blues when it rains,
Pitter patter on my rooftop.
The shower mades a song of its own
With the rap of every drop.
The curtain of rain
Falls gently on the street,
As drops dance in sync
On the steaming concrete.
Down from the rooftops,
Water flows and spills.
Excepts for the rain outside,
All is still.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world. I like your first post and now here is your first comment. Way to go! Break out of that seashell and show the world Lola!

  2. Hi Lory, I am so inspired by you. Having a blog will let you express your inner dancer. You have to post that spontaneous video too. Have fun! Barbara Gautreaux, New Iberia, La. July 11, 2012

  3. Cute!! Not sure how gently the rain is falling at this particular moment, but seems from the doppler it's going to be gushing on and off for most of the day.....

  4. I love the sound of rain on the rooftops. And a tin roof inspires! Good for you for taking the leap to blogging! Thanks for sharing!