Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Sometimes, we feel like we are struggling with every day events. A friend jokingly asked if I needed therapy after reading one of my darker poems. I told her that writing is my therapy. This is what inspired this poem.


Echoes from the string exude
As each moment slips
Into the depths of obscurity.
Blisters conjugate on this space;
The mass catching tears.
Swinging the line,
Balance loses its grasp,
Slowly letting each chance go,
Sinking into the emptiness
Below the tightrope.


  1. pretty powerful...I love the line, Blisters conjugate. It really is a great way to describe it. I don't like being under the tight rope for too long. xo nanc

  2. Writing is my therapy too - keeps me off of the tightrope!

  3. A lot of deep thinking there - great therapy it is to get these feelings out and in such a poetic manner.

  4. Your words depict the careful and dangerous line we all walk - some days. Strong visual words.

  5. Your writing is very deep and though provoking, Lola. This poem is making me wonder what event in your life nudged you to write it. Or several?

    Writing is my therapy, too. Julie Cameron says we need to put the drama on the page. So, that's what I do. It means less drama in my real life. :-)

    I really like your previous poem about driving in the darkness.