Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I really enjoy listening to music.  Songs give me a plethora of ideas for some of my poems. The lyrics of some songs are poems themselves. Sometimes, the melody of a song helps me create my own poem. This poem is about my love of music.


With the melody, I am reborn.
It is the drug that helps me live.
Each note caresses my ears
And sweeps across my soul
Until I can’t catch my breath.
Colors are brighter with the rhythm.
Moments are sweeter.
Without these notes,
My days are empty and lifeless.


  1. Music has a way of doing that to people, doesn't it?

    Your first line, especially the word "reborn" really drew me in.

  2. Absolutely! Music makes all things better!

  3. You have always been my favorite poet. Love your blog. Love your poems.